My mom told me never to get California short term loans. Is she right?

Mom California Short Term LoansAs a mother, teaching my children about finances was very important to me. I started teaching them at a very young age. As soon as they could count, I would give them pennies to count. I wanted to make sure they always had a handle on their finances. I taught them about budgeting young, you make a certain amount of money, you plan exactly what you have to pay and you are frugal with your expenses. I had a list of don’ts for them: don’t spend more than you have, don’t overdraw your checking account, don’t borrow money.

Life happens

Then something happened in my life and that was, “Life Happened.” Job layoffs, broken washing machines, broken cars, being just a few hundred dollars short for this month’s rent. And I learned something. Sometimes I need just a couple hundred dollars to avoid that huge late fee or overdraft fee or shut-off fee. I learned that at a time like that, it is okay to borrow money. Not only is it okay, it’s the best thing I can do, under the circumstances.

Is the car broken?

If my car is broken so I can’t get to work to earn the money I need to support my family, I need to think. First, can I take the bus or catch a ride. If not, if the only option is to get the car fixed, then it is better to get California short term loans and get the car fixed so I can get to work. If the washing machine is broken and there are children’s diapers that need to be washed desperately, it is better to get short term loans to fix the washer than to buy expensive disposable diapers. If the electric company is threatening to shut off my power, it is better to take out short term loans and pay the bill than it is to pay late fees, shut-off fees and reconnect fees.

So I changed what I teach my children and I share this with my friends. I teach them the same do’s– to budget and be frugal. But I also taught say it is okay to take out short term loans when absolutely necessary. Be careful not to abuse these loans and don’t take out more than you can pay back. Short term loans can be okay if used correctly. Learning everything you can about short term loans and how they work is important. This knowledge can help us to be financially prepared.

What are the minimum requirements for short term loans?

• You must be at least 18 years old
• You must have a job
• You must have a checking account

Besides saving money in emergency situations, what else is good about short term loans?

• It’s easy to apply-just a simple, quick application that anyone can do
• Bad credit is not necessarily a factor
• No faxing or mailing of documents, everything is online
• Your information is safe and secure
• The money is put in your checking account fast–in as little as 2 hours
If you have found yourself in an emergency situation and need short term loans, you have come to the right place. Fill out the application below.


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